Sometimes, when you keep a blog, it is easy for people to get a rosy-coloured view of who you are, as we are often more inclined to document the good moments and try to forget the bad. Writing a blog that you have titled “Pursuits of God”, probably sets this up even more. Yet at the core of who I am, I know my desperate need to pursue God simply because He has first pursued me- rescuing out of the muck of my sinful self and bringing me to a place of righteousness. None of it my own doing, all of it His. None of it my own righteousness, all Him, all day.

So you see, for the sole purpose of keeping it real, I will share with you that today I am having one of those days when it feels like I am failing at life. I am being too short with the kids, I am seeing them mirroring me by being too short with each other. I said less than encouraging things to my husband literally as he was packing his bag for work, meaning quite possibly he spent the day feeling unsupported by his wife. I self-righteously had an inner tirade at the people I love while I picked up things that had been left lying around the house.

As the house ‘rests’, which today is consisting of the two oldest children (each in different parts of the house) trying to outdo each other with reading their books the loudest, and a grizzling 3 month old who is fighting off a cold in my lap, I am thankful. Not in an ‘Oh how wonderful life is’ kind of way, but in a “I can’t believe you stick with my God kind of way, so I am going to thank you for it because I’m seeing pretty clearly today just what you died to forgive”.

Just as I would never disown one of my kids over them leaving bits and pieces scattered around the house, I am thankful that nothing can separate me from the love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. I also pray that He would help me be thankful for this mundane, sin-tarnished day, and continue His work in me until it finally comes to completion and we see face to face.

May you, dear friend, wherever you are and in whatever circumstances you find yourself, know without a doubt that we love because He first loved us. That His grace is sufficient for you. That He can save to the uttermost. That He will complete His good work. That you are completely known, loved and cherished simply because He is at work. Praise be to God!