The past few days my heart has been heavy. A dear fellow mamma said goodbye to her daughter and just like that little Eleanor walked  and ran with Jesus (you can read her journey here).  Sometimes the world feels heavy and the burdensome reality of sin’s stain too great. And it is strange as the season, with its tidings of joy weaves into my feelings of grief for her.

Yet as I have pondered- isn’t this what life entails?  We celebrate the birth of God in flesh, knowing he too walks the steps to death. As he heals the sick and shows God is here on earth, the clock is ticking and the time draws near. He came in a manger to carry a cross and he removed our burdens but not without cost.

And so, as I think of this beautiful mother, stepping out of the hospital with the weight of life and grief. I remember anew how sweet it is, that grace that flows from the blood of the cross. For if there was no cross, the bittersweet joy wouldn’t come, knowing one day we will meet again because of the Son.

At Christmas this year, I want to remember more than presents, more than food, more than family fun. Life is so precious and all but a vapour but more so, it has a deep meaning because of Jesus.

Jesus knows our suffering and hears our cries, He carries our burdens and comforts our tears. He conquered the cross and lifts our burdens, as we weep, as we laugh as we love one another. We can recognise this earth will one day give way to a new earth where there will be no mourning, no weeping, no sickness or pain.

My little lady was asked a question for her news item this past week- “What is one thing you would give the world?” As we spoke about options- water, food, love, clothes, something precious and beautiful… the cry of my heart was “give them JESUS!” For he adds meaning, he brings life abundant, he takes our anxiety, he comforts our pain and gives us our greatest need- salvation. We can be free from the weight of sin, refreshed and renewed. Washed in the blood that the little babe gave.

So today, dear friend, wherever you are- whether you are dancing, or grieving, depressed or elated, may the truth of the season ring true in your heart. We can celebrate life with our burdens lifted, as we kneel at the edge of the manger and bow at the foot of the cross. For if we forget the cross that the manger became, we miss the point of life and are left in the muck and mire. Our loss too painful. Our pain too raw. Our need too great.

“In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation* for our sins.” 1 John 4:10

*propitiation- the turning away of wrath by an offering.


Here is a new song by CityAlight that I have been listening to lots this week: Christ is Mine Forevermore. May it be a blessing.