Gloria Furman first came on my radar when I was recommended her book “Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full” by my beautiful sister-in-law. It was at a time when I was experiencing a bit of a low spiritually- I was feeling tired like any mother of a newborn does and using this as an excuse as to why I was neglecting time with God. Then, like a breath of fresh air, Gloria’s book arrived in the mail and challenged me greatly. She gently admonishes mothers to recognise that God gives children as a blessing, so he understands the loud and demanding time of life, and that ‘Quiet Time Alone with God’ may actually need to become a noisy time sitting amongst the toys and washing, with a littlie on our knee, reading with a hundred interruptions and mediating on a simple verse. She writes that God will meet us here, and I have found she is right. You can read my full review here.

Since beginning my blogging journey, I have been in touch with Gloria and have been amazed at her humility and grace (she also has a husband with the name Dave!). She has kindly agreed to answer some of my questions, as I seek to find out how she pursues God and how God is growing her in her season of life. I hope you are touched and encouraged by her life, as I have been. Keep up to date with her writing and check out her books at

Hi Gloria. How would you describe your relationship with God?

Furman: When I talk with people here on the street where I live, the way I summarize my relationship with God is that I have become his child by faith through grace because of what Jesus did for me on the cross. Of particular intrigue to my neighbors is that I have become his daughter, since they believe the misconception that one is born a Christian. I love to explain that a Christian is someone who has been “born again” (John 3). Because I have been born again in Jesus Christ, I get to enjoy ongoing fellowship with God through his Spirit, who now dwells in me.

What are some ways that you pursue a relationship with God?

Furman: I believe that God has given us his trustworthy, sufficient Word as our primary means of growth in our relationship with Him. I love to read the Word, pray through the Word, discuss the Word, sing the Word, and meditate on the Word.

How does your relationship with God affect other relationships in your life?

Furman: Well, it ought to affect every relationship! But sadly, I sinfully marginalize my relationship with God at times and am prone to putting it on a shelf, so-to-speak. One way my relationship with God affects my relationships with my kids is that I see them as needy in the same way that I am needy – I am not on a moral high ground above my children, but we all need Jesus. This plays out in my life in me having empathy for my children when they sin, and increasing joy when they (by God’s grace) obey.

You are a woman of many gifts and use these in lots of different arenas – Pastor’s Wife, Mother, author and contributor to the Gospel Coalition, how do you balance your priorities and see your purpose in ministry?

Furman: I love that you asked that question – it’s a common question. “How do you do it all?” I actually attempted a stab at a brief answer in this article on the ERLC blog.

What advice would you give to women, particular mothers, in allowing God’s Word and his Spirit to shape and define their purpose and focus for life?

Furman: I remind moms (and all women) that they have an enemy who would love nothing more than to marginalize, repudiate, and blur the impact of God’s Word and his Spirit in their lives. The course of this world (Eph. 2) is hell-bent on pulling us back into its orbit, Satan and every demonic spirit have made it their goal to thwart God’s purposes in our lives, and “the old man” our flesh is at war with the Spirit within us. With that reminder that we have an enemy, I tell moms that their abiding in the Vine, Jesus, is a spiritual battle. Why is it so hard to meditate on the Word when we meditate on so many others things so easily? It’s a spiritual battle. I write about this a bit in a piece on the Desiring God blog in the Screwtape Letter style.

Finally, last month you were involved in Pastor’s Wife Appreciation month with Crossway- what are some ways you think women can support and encourage their Pastor’s wives? Why do you think this is important?

Furman: Yes! Pastors wives need encouragement, simply because they are members of the body of Christ. Sadly, though, pw’s tend to be forgotten among the many in the church who need their faith to be strengthened. Here’s a fun infographic about creative ways you can support your pastor’s wife.

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