Easter is quickly approaching! For the last few years, I feel like I have always been a bit underprepared with Easter and I am left rushing and struggling to be intentional. In order to be a bit more prepared, I am starting my Easter posts early 🙂 One tradition we started about 2 years ago though was working through the Resurrection Eggs by Family Life.

Resurrection Eggs are a set of 12 Coloured Plastic Eggs that accompany the Easter Story. Each night, we gather around as a family and Dave reads the set part of the Easter story to us. We then open the corresponding coloured egg, with a symbol inside. As we build on the story, we then go back and try and remember what we have read, using the symbol as a reminder.

This has been fantastic for us as a family! As our children have grown, they have grown in their patience listening to the story and their understanding of the gift of Jesus and what that means.

When I ordered these, I needed to get them from the US but I have just seen that these eggs are on sale in the current Koorong catalogue, making it heaps easier!

I would love to hear about any other Easter traditions you have as a family!