This month, I am delighted to share with you an interview I did with author Melissa Kruger. She keeps a blog “Wits End” that I love reading ( and I am also growing and changing through her encouraging book “Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood” (Waterbrook Multnomah, 2015) that I hope to review soon. She has a heart for God and His Word and a quiet wisdom that comes from being a woman who truly fears the Lord, that I have found inspiring. May you be encouraged by having a glimpse into who Melissa is.

Pursuits of God- How would you describe your relationship with God?

The best description for me personally is that of a Father/Daughter relationship. I feel as though I can run to God in my struggles, fears, and failings and find comfort and compassion. Just like a daughter, I have full access into His presence and I feel His delight of me. Yet, I also know that God has complete authority over me. Just like a father, He is worthy of my respect, honour, and obedience.

Pursuits of God- What are some ways that you pursue a relationship with God?

In a personal way, I pursue God as I would any other friendship. I spend daily time listening to Him through reading His Word. I also spend time in prayer, sharing my concerns, hopes, and needs with Him. I seek to know God through the community and fellowship with other believers in the church. Hearing the Bible preached, receiving communion, and working alongside others in ministry grows and nurtures my relationship with God.

Pursuits of God- How does your relationship with God affect other relationships in your life?

My relationship with God affects every other relationship by changing me on a daily basis. I find that the more time I spend with the Lord, the more He shapes and fashions me into the likeness of Jesus. The more I grow in Christ-likeness, the more I am kind, loving, patient, and self-sacrificial in my relationships with others.

Pursuits of God- You are author of the book “Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood” released last March- why do you see it is so important that all women, mothers in particular, embrace spending time pursuing relationship with God in each season?

It’s so easy as moms to become consumed with doing. We rush and rush, providing for everyone else. Our tanks run on empty and our patience wears thin. More than anything else, we need the refreshment that time with the Lord can provide. In Psalm 19 we’re told that time in the Word revives the soul, makes us wise, and gives joy to our hearts. We have an available stream of refreshment, but so often we forget to take a drink. Jesus welcomes us to bring our burdens to Him and find rest for our souls.

Pursuits of God- From your personal experience, when you had littlies how did you make time to spend with God through His Holy Spirit-inspired Word? And how did this change as your children grew?

When my children were young (and wake up times varied because of babies every changing schedules) I used my children’s nap-time to study God’s word and pray. Once my children all began preschool, I found it easier to wake up before them and have time with God in the morning. I also found it helpful to have a study–guide of some sort. Planning what to study helped me to stay focused and enjoy time in the Word.

Pursuits of God- What advice would you give to women, particularly mothers, in allowing God’s Word and his Spirit to shape and define their purpose and focus for life?

Everyone is building her home on some foundation. The question for each of us is: How certain are you about the foundation you are building on? If we want God’s word to be at the centre of our homes, it must first be at the centre of our own lives. If we want prayerful children, we must be prayerful mothers. The greatest gift we can give our children is to pursue the Lord each day, to pray without ceasing, and to faithfully walk in God’s ways.

Pursuits of God- In your time in Women’s Ministry at your church and around the country, what do you think are things that make it unique from other church ministries and what do you find is the greatest need in women’s ministry at this time?

My favourite thing about our women’s ministry is that we are fully devoted to one another in prayer. It’s at the centre of everything we do. We also prioritise having Bible-centred events for women. We do have social gatherings, but our time and energies are predominately spent praying for our women and preparing training times so that we all can grow in our faith with one another. One wonderful resource that is coming out this July is a new book, “Word-Filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church” ( I think it would be a helpful encouragement for both men and women as they consider women’s ministry in the local church.

Pursuits of God- Finally, you are a woman of many gifts- you are a wife, mother, write, blog, speak and teach women at your church, how do you manage your time and how do you prioritise how to use your time and gifts for God’s glory?

Truthfully, I am usually at the end of my rope. However, I find that my inability to do everything forces me into an increasing dependence upon the Lord. The most important thing on my list each day is time with the Lord. It’s a non-negotiable. The second thing I’ve found is that I have to constantly fight against the temptation to a life of ease. We’re called to follow a Saviour who bids us: “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23) I think using our gifts and labouring for Christ’s kingdom will always come at a cost. For me, it has meant working long hours and feeling worn out on most days. I don’t mean that to sound discouraging, I actually say it to encourage women that if they feel like ministry is difficult, it doesn’t mean they are doing something wrong! Presenting our bodies as living sacrifices (Romans 12) is a beautiful paradox. We are being consumed even as we are becoming more truly alive. And I am fully convinced there is no better way to live.