This book was one I was sad to finish. Over eleven weeks, Melissa Kruger provides 5 day per week studies on what “Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood” (WaterBrook Press) looks like. With strong Biblical content, Kruger draws on the Word of God to equip women with godly principles and practical application, drawn from the Bible and personal experience.

Kruger has structured the book with a focus for each week, ranging from “Understanding Your Purpose- walking by faith” to “Guiding in Godliness by Example- walking in gentleness and self-control.” I found each week easy to follow and the Holy Spirit used this book along with His Word to encourage me to persevere, equip me, convict me and renew my understanding of how important mothering is.

Kruger writes not as one who has everything together, rather as a comrade on the journey:

I do not write as one who has solved all the mysteries of motherhood. I write simply to help us grasp one paramount truth: we need Jesus more than anything else in the season of motherhood.

We need His grace to show us our faults. We need His cross to atone for our sin. We need His sympathy to approach His throne with confidence. We need His wisdom to guide our decisions. We need His Word to revive our souls. We need His love to fill us and overflow to our children. We need Him to be in control so we can let go of control. We need His strength when our strength is gone.

More than anything else, we need Jesus.

– Melissa Kruger, “Walking with God in the Season of Motherhood” (WaterBrook Press, Colorado, 2015) p.222,

Through Kruger’s writing, I have found her wisdom, gentleness and warmth to overflow and her passion for God and His Word to be inspiring. As all the verses were printed in the book, I did at times miss having my Bible required to be open, however in talking to other mothers, they found they could grab the book and read while waiting to pick up the kids or as one mother told me, perched on the edge of the toilet in an hotel bathroom so as not to disturb her sleeping children in the hotel room.

A book that has gone on my ‘must- read list’ for mothers- both new and old. This book also lends itself to group study due to the discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

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