My husband and I enjoy the show My Kitchen Rules (Channel 7). As I watch, I am inspired by the creativity shown by the contestants and enjoy watching the judges critique the food. When I get into the kitchen each evening, I find that a little like judges Pete, Manu and Colin, I become critical of my cooking and the steak that may be a little overcooked. Like the contestants, I want to dazzle those who eat my food with my cooking abilities. The problem is though, that often my cooking falls short of culinary genius and more often than not, my kids (and budget!) would prefer for me to serve up Spaghetti Bolognese over Salmon steaks. And so, as my husband and I sit in our chairs for another dinner battle with our littlies- trying to get a three-year old to eat her meat and her younger brother to eat his vegies- I wonder whether a frozen pizza would have been easier and less stressful.

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