By the same author of Crazy Busy, Taking God at His WORD (DeYoung, 2014, IVP) is a short book about an extremely important topic. Discussing why the Bible is worth knowing, trusting and loving, Kevin DeYoung unpacks important truths surrounding the Bible. I enjoy DeYoung’s accessible style- he writes in a conversational tone, making the key ideas and complexities accessible for any reader.

Written in 8 chapters, Taking God at His WORD addresses different approaches to the Bible and presents a strong case for allowing the Bible to shape your life and understanding of God, over that of emotionalism, tradition or experience. DeYoung uses the Bible as his authority, unpacking verses that demonstrate the Bible as the breath of God and the means for an accurate understanding of the Gospel. As DeYoung writes:

Scripture doesn’t tell us everything we may want to know about everything. But it tells us everything we need to know about the most important things. It gives us something the Internet, with all its terabyte of information, never could: wisdom. The purpose of Holy Scripture is not ultimately to make you smart, or make you relevant, or make you rich, or get you a job, or get you married, or take all your problems away, or tell you where to live. The aim is that you might be wise enough to put your faith in Christ and be saved. (2014, p.116).

It may seem strange to read a book about why the Bible is important- isn’t if fairly self explanatory to any Christian? Over the years there have been lots of differing views about the Bible- how to interpret it and how to approach it and how to have God speak to you. In this book, DeYoung grapples with these issues and encourages Christians to renew their mind by learning what the Bible says about itself and what Jesus says about the Bible.

I found this book encouraging and as I closed the last page, I felt more equipped in my understanding of the Word of God. I agree with evangelist David Platt’s review on the back of the book: “My trust in God’s Word is greater, my submission to God’s Word is deeper, and my love for God’s Word is sweeter as a result of reading this book… I cannot recommend it highly enough”

I recommend it for anyone keen to further their understanding of the Bible and as a must for people involved in preaching or talking to others about the Bible.

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Image courtesy of Inter-Varsity Press.