The other night I was watching a new sitcom David found where the protagonist received a diagnosis of cancer. It didn’t take long for my tears to start flowing and my anxiety levels to escalate- What if I was to receive a diagnosis? How would my children cope without a mother? Who would help my daughter pick out a wedding dress? Who would help my little man practise partnered dancing? Who would help them with all those things only a mother can do? What about my beautiful husband- who would be his helper and biggest fan? Even writing those things makes anxiety come crashing in… and my faith slips quietly into the backseat while my fears take the steering wheel. This is just why we need Trillia Newbell’s book “Fear and Faith” (Moody, 2015). From the positive response she has had to the book, it seems I’m not alone in the fear department.

I loved reading Trillia’s relevant, helpful, biblical and insightful book. She shares her heart and gives the reader’s heart some much needed encouragement and admonition. Fears seem to be part of our sinful makeup- we fear other people, we fear men, we fear the future, we fear not measuring up, we fear, we fear, we fear… and sometimes let’s be honest, faith is hard. Yet if anyone can talk about fear, it is Trillia- she has experienced sexual assault, sudden death of loved ones, multiple miscarriages to name a few. But in the midst of it all, God has gently led Trillia to His feet, reminding Her through His Word of who He is and what faith in Him means. Yes, life can sometimes have great trials, but God is faithful.

Trillia writes in a conversational way, drawing the readers in with her personal anecdotes and Scriptural insights. She encourages us that we are not alone in the fear department through honest accounts from other women. I found it a great book to read on a tough topic and many times I felt as if Trillia was writing directly to me- the Holy Spirit used His Word and Trillia’s writing to gently convict me of sin and refocus my eyes on Him.

There were occasions  I felt the flow of writing from chapter to chapter didn’t happen as smoothly as it could have, and the absence of chapter headers on each page in the ebook edition were two slight criticisms of a book I otherwise highly recommend.

I believe books on topics that are often not discussed, such as fear, are so greatly needed. For when sins are kept hidden and in the dark, they have all the more power. May your faith be strengthened, as mine has through reading this, to be reminded that even if our fears come true- God is in control and His grace is sufficient for all.

For more information on Trillia and her personal pursuit with God, read my interview with her.

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